Upcoming Events

November 2nd: Military Family Winter Rally @ Spruce Mountain Ranch, Larkspur, Colorado
November 4th: Utah Demo Trip
November 7th: Wyoming Demo Trip
December 11th: Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities Mountain Chalet, Aspen, Colorado


Anni Barta is the ATC distributor for Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.
 If you have any questions about an Action Trackchair and their accessories, please send e-mail to: takeactionmobility@gmail.com

A Few Specs:
Range: Variable up to 8 Miles
Speed: 4-5 MPH
Turning Radius: Zero
Tilt angle for Chair: 20 degrees each way-
ST Model Only
Track Size: 6.5″ x 90″
Weight: 350-lbs Approx.

Trackchair Model: BASE PRICE
Model SM: Width 33" 14 inch between arm rests $ Pink
Model ST: Width 37" 18 inch between arm rests $ 
Model ST: Width 39" 20 inch between arm rests $ 
Model ST: Width 41" 22 inch between arm rests $
Model ST: Width 43" 24 inch between arm rests $

Trackchair Accessories:
Single Halogen Head Light $ 100.00
LED Head Light $ 160.00
Attendant Control $ 400.00
Arm Rests w/pockets $ 240.00
Hot Lime w/ White Splash
Gun Scabbard $ 179.00
Gun Rack $ 99.00
Rod Holder $ 89.00
Utility Box w/brackets $ 120.00Trackchair Carrier $ 499.00
Goal Post $ 45.00Three Point Harness $ 160.00
Head Rest $ 160.00 High Back Seat $ 75.00
Manual Tilt $ 160.00
20 amp. Battery Charger $ 100.00
Trackchair Colors:
Pink $ 0.00Hot Lime $ 0.00Hot Lime w/ White Splash $ 0.00
Super Blue $ 0.00
White $ 0.00
Yellow $ 0.00
Red $ 0.00
Black $ 0.00
Orange $ 0.00
Red w/ White Splash $ 0.00
Black w/ White Splash $ 0.00
Patriot Blue $ 0.00
Camo w/ camo wheels $ 0.00
Digital Camo $ 0.00



The Action Trackchair is the ultimate in off-road wheelchairs. You’ll go places you didn’t think possible. Mountain roads, campgrounds, the woods, the beach,mud, snow, etc. Now you have a choice to stay on the hard surface or go off-road.
 After 30 years of being in the recreational motor sports business, Tim Swenson decided to help people to have the freedom of getting off the normal path. We started developing this all terrain wheelchair in 2008, it is called the Action Trackchair. Tim and Donna have a son Jeff, who is in a chair, and know of many other friends that would love the freedom of hunting, hiking, going to the beach, fishing, and other similar activities. The Action Trackchair enables people to have access to those types of activities.

Satisfied Customers:

*Thanks for turning me on to the Action trackchair. It has made a world a difference in me getting out and enjoying hunting again. 
This wheelchair gives so much more Independence and freedom. Also thanks for taking the time to show me how the Action trackchair
worked in the mountain terrain around your ranch and things I needed to know to be safe and smart about its use. Annie's harness she made
for me for this chair works very well. I highly recommend it. 
Good luck on your adventures, I hope we can get together this summer and try out fly fishing together in our Action Trackchair. 

Jack & Mary Herrin